Persuasive Game Design: Masterclass workshop

Valentijn Visch, Coordinator Persuasive Game Design, IDE, TU Delft

The motivational power of games to help people change is recognised more and more in society, business and science. In our persuasive game design model the user’s experience is the primal object of design. Gamification design is the means to change this user experience from a real world towards a motivational game world.


The game world experience facilitates pre-defined transfer goals (e.g. awareness, compliance, behavioural change) in the real world. In this 2-day workshop full of presentations and workshops we will introduce you to the theory of persuasive game design, its effects and capabilities, its design method and let you apply it to product service systems.


1. Overview of persuasive game design: its theory, applications and design strategy
2. Workshop on applying persuasive game design to product service systems
3. Evaluation (brief) of the designs and discussion


For the Detailed Curriculum, Please visit this site